Looking for tyres in Toowoomba?

the right tyres for you

Toowoomba Total Mechanical are a DemonDealer which gives us superior buying price on range of tyres to suit any budget.

We not only provide excellence in servicing and maintaining your vehicle, we also sell high quality tyres at a budget price that you can afford.

If it is the cheapest tyre in Toowoomba you are after, we can deliver!

It’s what we call “dollars per kilometre” and it makes good cents …

Large tyre companies are incentivised to push the ‘house product’.

These over promised and way over priced tyres don’t usually stack up in the all important “dollars per kilometre ” ratio.

Take advantage of a globalised world; we buy from the importer which saves you money!  

Our Tyre Range

We are not handcuffed to any particular brand and keep at least 600 tyres in stock at any one time.  

We are a big fan of NEXEN tyres. They represent great value in the dollars per kilometre ratio and have been well performing under all conditions. 

here are a few popular brands, to see more visit our tyre website or enquire below.

NEXEN - 208/45/15
NEXEN - 208/45/15
NEXEN - 208/45/15
NEXEN - 208/45/15


High Quality Tyres

approx. 600 tyres in stock at any one time

Send us some info about your tyres or the tyres you want and we will get back to you with price and availability.