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Your pride and joy is in good hands

In an age of modern diagnostics and fast paced computer management systems the team at Total Mechanical embrace the opportunity to get back to basics and put some love back into old school muscle.

New cars these days are built to a price and are somewhat shoe horned into design restrictions based on allowable emission pollution. When the rumble of an old school V8 starts up the freedom and looseness of the 60’s can be once again enjoyed. This freedom of expression is not lost on the “rev heads” who love nothing more than taking their pride and joy out for a cruise.

The intimate knowledge of classic vehicle restoration and performance is another feather in the cap of Total Mechanical. The most experienced in this field being James who has built many performance engines and been involved in many and various race and street performance classics.

James also owns his own 55 chev that takes pride of place at Cooly Rocks On which along with the other party faithful make their pilgrimage every June. We will update this page with new classic vehicles as they come in.