Car Servicing

Car servicing in Toowoomba

New Car Servicing

It pays to have an independent mechanic carry out the service whilst under warranty as we can give honest feedback on items that may need warranty repairs done.

All warranty type services carried out are done by expert repairers and required parts are always used.

Genuine parts are preferred. We won’t void your New Car Warranty.

In ten years we have maintained a 100 percent warranty protected record, don’t be tricked by the slick Dealership service advisor.

As we can independently advise on what is and is not a warrant-able repair the whole car warranty process is simple and hassle free.

Furthermore, we maintain a great working relationship with all of our business partners; we understand that dealerships are a necessary part of the warranty repair and mandatory safety recall process. It makes sense to have us service your vehicle, let me tell you why.

We give a thorough check over the vehicle – we will document any faults that are present, oil leaks won’t just get hosed off, the customer will be made aware.

Our only purpose is to work in the interests of the customer.

Our on hoist inspection is not compromised by work targets and ‘no warranty claim’ bonuses – if we see a warranty concern you will be told.

Out of warranty Car Servicing

A reliable sports, family or business car is pivotal in all aspects of a modern busy life.

We take the responsibility that our customers give us very seriously and treat all vehicle and servicing with the upmost respect.

All services include a full safety check and adjustment on brakes etc.

Is your vehicle is out of warranty?

Far more competitive pricing options are available, as we can then take advantage of better buying power for alternate branded parts.

If you would like a price on doing your next service, than please phone through and we will be happy to give you a no obligation quote.

Rest assured that your money will work a lot harder for you at Total Mechanical. If nothing else a lot of our customers are dumbfounded by the savings they make, and upset they didn’t hear of us earlier.

At Toowoomba Total Mechanical your vehicle will be given the individual attention that it deserves and requires.